Monday, November 8, 2010

Wolf Brother

In this book, set thousands of years ago, the main character, Torak, finds himself alone after a demon bear kills his father. On his own for the first time ever, Torak battles hunger and fever and befriends a wolf cub before being captured and taken to a camp where he finds out a terrible prophecy. A prophecy which could lead to his death. This book and the two that come after it in the series, were given to me many years ago by a relative who lives in Wales. The name of the series kind of scared me off, after all, you would expect a series called The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness to be, well, dark. About a year ago I remembered it and decided to give it a try. In one word, AWESOME! This book has a good balance between non-fiction and fantasy, and incorporates both into the story beautifully. I recommend this book for kids 10 and up. Author: Michelle Paver. Release Date: 2004. On a scale of 1 being not so good, and 10 being the very best book I've ever read, I rate this book a 8.

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